Seth's PC Shop


What can't you fix?

Our intern, Tim.

How many people work at Seth's PC Reapir Shop?

We currently staff 12 technicians and one Camel (his name is Rick).

Can you remove ransomware?

Sometimes. It depends on the type and the extent of the infection, please contact us for a more detailed consultation.

Why aren't you open on holidays?

We enjoy spening time with our family. Use this as a chance to spend more time with your family.

Whats the deal with this store?

We made it ourselves so that we could cut out all of the middlemen between us and you.

Will you accept BitCoins, CyberBeans, or JuggaloCoin?

Do you let your kid play in the street?

Can you help me spy on my ex?

Absolutely... not.

Can you repair liquid damage?

We can usually repair liquid damaged devices, but each case is unique. Either way, we will be able to get you back up and running!